Smart Living

Terms of Use



Smart Living located 12 rue Hippolyte, 34000 Montpellier represented by its manager or rents the apartments and equipment to the customer, who accepts the conditions and obligations:

The inventory entry and exit of the apartment is an annex to this contract.


2-1 The rental agreement is made and accepted on the dates specified in the lease.

Arrivals are at the apartment specified in the lease. The apprtement is available from 15.00 and must be vacated on departure day before 12:00.

The exact arrival time will be communicated to us by mail the week prior to arrival.

2-2 In case of late arrival or after 21:00 on weekdays and 20:00 on weekends, or in case of early departure, or before 8:00 on weekdays and 9:00 on weekends, a surcharge of 30 € is charged in addition of course price.


3-1 The course price is stipulated in the lease in Euros.

3-2 The booking deposit is 30% of course price.

3-2 The sale becomes final upon receipt of signed contract with the acceptance of general conditions of sale that have been sent and the customer acknowledges having read this by signing this contract and upon payment of a deposit on the price of stay. The balance must be paid before the keys.

A deposit of 450.00 Euros will be asked to surrender the keys. You will be returned upon departure or no later than eight days after your departure, minus appropriate, rehabilitated.

The price is applicable for the placement of the number of persons defined in the lease ..

Pets allowed (extra charge).



4-1 The reservation and sales are final after paying a deposit equal to 30% of eligible séjourLe payment of the deposit and signed contract must be referred to as Smart Living within 10 days of stay and a proposal tariff. Beyond this deadline, the reservation can not be guaranteed.

4-2 The keys to the apartment allotted for the stay is given to the customer after paying the full cost of stay, services ordered and the security deposit.

4-3 Smart Living can not guarantee the customer the opportunity to stay in the apartment beyond the dates reserved. If the client wishes to extend his stay, Smart Living will strive to offer the same apartment if available. Any premature termination ostay because of the customer will result in a refund of the remaining nights.

4-4 The accommodation being proposed as part of a holiday, no business activity or commercial premises can be made. The client says that renting is a tourist and in all cases it will not establish domicile in the rented premises. The client recognizes the Smart Living admission at any time any premises for their maintenance or monitoring.

This client agreement is a prerequisite for Smart Living without which would not have agreed to rent the premises.

4-5 At the end of the stay provided in the contract, the customer acknowledges that the personal belongings left in the apartment would be an oversight or a warehouse without authorization. The client accepts that his personal effects were picked up by Smart Living and secure storage, at its expense, the premises of Smart Living. Smart Living can not be held responsible for any personal loss during the transfer or in their custody. Personal belongings can be salvaged after the payment of compensation of 20 Euros per week and surrender all keys to the apartment.


5-1 The payment of the deposit of the stay can be done by one of the following ways:

(1) By bank transfer in Euros.

(2) By check in Euros to the order listed on the lease.

5-2 The remaining balance is payable no later than on arrival and before handing over the keys to the apartment. It can be paid:

(1) By check in Euros to the order stipulated in the contract or cash in Euros.

5-3 The deposit must be paid by check or cash.


6-1 If an inventory was not done, due to unplanned departure, a departure outside opening hours of offices, or for any other reason, the deposit will be sent directly the customer or will be canceled in case of pre authorization of credit card, net of expenses related to possible damage or deterioration, as indicated in Article 4. In this case, the client must do so within 48 hours of receipt of mail or mail it to indicate the damage found during the inventory output, all the reserves they want. After this period, the inventory will be final and no withdrawals can be no dispute.

6-2 The security deposit does not limit the financial responsibility of the client that may be incurred beyond the amount paid in case of damage exceeding the amount deposited. The loss of one of the key causes of the apartment must change the lock on the door of the apartment at the customer's expense. In case of loss, damage or injury the minimum amount levied per incident is 10 Euros.

6-3 In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, Smart Living provides each client, large linequality
To preserve the quality of our services, linen missing during the final cleaning is charged to the customer on the basis of 5 Euros per towel or microfiber towel for 12 Euros, 20 Euros a fitted sheet, flat sheet or pillowcase and 40 Euros per duvet cover or draw sheet.


In case of cancellation of a confirmed booking by Smart Living or early departure, the following rules shall apply:
1) Cancellation more than 30 days from the date of arrival: - 50% deposit will be retained.
2) Cancellation within 30 days from the date of stay - The entire deposit is retained.
3) In case of interruption of early departure - No refund.


8-1 The concept of liability insurance is not the same from one country to another, the customer must check with his companhe is, he and those accompanying the insured for injury and damage whatsoever suffered and / or caused during his stay
WARNING: check your home insurance policy covers holiday (vacation rental). The tenant is required to keep the premises which is rented.

8-2 The client acknowledges being informed that the use of equipment of the apartment, including kitchen and bathroom can be dangerous if misused. The client and the persons accompanying undertake to take all precautions required in the use of equipment from the apartment. The client waives his or persons accompanying him, to use all the equipment he would know enough not use to use them safely. The customer is informed, and inform the persons accompanying the soils and the shower may be slippery. It will take and will take all necessary precautions to prevent falls or incidents. Accordingly, the client and the people staying in the apartment said they insured waive all claims vis-à-vis Smart Living for any incidental result of their stay in the apartment and make it their business to any request that 'they would do or they would suffer.


9-1 The course price includes: the provision of an equipped and furnished apartment for the duration of stay, drinking water, electricity (8 kw per day included, beyond surcharge of 0.10 Euros kw), taxes, change of linen once a week and final cleaning.

9-2 Unless otherwise agreed by Smart Living, arrive after 15:00 and departure before 12:00, during office hours.

9-3 The rental price does not include (but are not limited to) the optional services are not reserved and / or charged.


10-1 At the end of the stay, the customer must return the apartment in the conditions, the cleanliness and order in which it was found. If this is not the case, a minimum of 46 Euros is charged. If need be more than 2 hours of cleaning, it is charged for time spent on a hourly basis from 23 Euros.

10-2 The customer is responsible for any damage, loss or damage to the apartment or its contents, which occurred during his séjourLa repair any damage found will be responsible for and will be a deduction from the deposit warranty. A travel package of 90 Euros is being appliquéLes accommodation non-smoking, cigarette burns, even small entail the payment of compensation that is at least 150 Euros and will be deducted from the deposit.

10-3 The customer is solely responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of personal affairs or business belonging to other persons accompanying the invited or present in the apartment, including objects valuables left unattended in the apartment including during his presence in places. It must respect the safety of use and in particular to ensure you always close the 2 locks on the door of the apartment key when it comes out and to close windows and shutters to avoid intrusion.

10-4 The client must respect the rules of the building and does not cause noise or other that could interfere with other occupants of the  building. It must respect the common store and nothing outside the apartment. The customer should not host animals in the apartment during their stay without the written consent of Absolute Smart Living. IT agrees to use the apartment in good family man and do nothing that is contrary to morality and not to use the flat object with a professional or commercial nature, or use prohibited by French law and not to sublet the apartment.

10-5 Customer acknowledges that any breach of any of its obligations constitute a sufficient reason to put an immediate end to the lease. It will release its premises without compensation.


11-1 In case of unavailability of the apartment because the owner or after a technical incident, Smart Living reserves the right to  substitute a priority to the reserved apartment, another apartment in the same category tariff . The tenant may not rely on a surface or a different decoration to deny the apartment.

11-2 In case of unavailability of finding an apartment in the same price category, Smart Living will offer a flat rate of any class or higher without the impact of rising costs, is less with the impact of lower tariffs on amount of the stay.

11-3 In case of change of tariff heading, the tenant may refuse the apartment. In all cases, apart from a possibility of reimbursement of residence if the rate change, no compensation will be due.


The rental agreement and these terms represent the entire obligations between the parties. The client signing the lease recognizes accept them without reservation. If any provision of these documents was annulled by a court, all other terms remain applicablesEn case of dispute, only French law and French versions of documents apply and the court of Montpellier (Hérault) has exclusive jurisdiction.